Where To Buy Ghost Peppers? – Top 5 Best Stores Online

Ghost peppers are one of the hottest chilies in existence, and they can be difficult to find. So, where to buy ghost peppers? Online or in local stores? We've compiled a list of where you can get your hands on these fiery little fellows. Let’s dig right in now!

Buying ghost peppers is no longer hard with this list! Continue reading to learn more about where to buy peppers online!

Delicious ghost peppers.

#1: Ghost Pepper Store

Ghost Pepper Store is the first company to offer fresh, domestically grown ghost peppers in the United States. They began their search for a good quality strain that would grow well and won't dry out -but came up empty-handed!

The only options available were imported varieties which didn’t hold much flavor at all, so they set out on an adventure of growing just one variety themselves: Bhut Jolokia or "ghost pepper.”

The founders had to go through many errors and trials when they first started. Eventually, they created the best practices on how to grow peppers.

At first, the brand started with only a few customers. The number of customers grew over time. They also did all the work for them until they were able to offer more varieties. These included ghost chili, which is a spicy delight!

Today, there are over 20 types of ghost peppers for sale by these enterprising farmers who continue looking at opportunities even further than before.

The assortment of peppers is as diverse and exciting to explore as your palate. You can buy them fresh, dried, or smoked if that suits you better; some varieties are also available in powder form!

Look no further than this store if you want to experience the best peppers in their natural form. Although they’re shipped throughout all 50 states, if your order is placed quickly enough, they will be fresh when delivered!

#2: Home Sweet Home Grown

Home Sweet Home Grown is a collaboration of the wife and husband who decided to turn their home into a hot sauce when they accidentally planted too many peppers. The company started in 2013 with one goal: to make delicious food more accessible by giving people what they want.

Now, they are hand-making all their sauces in small batches and adding a whole list of new ingredients like chia seeds and raw cacao!

There are 18 different types of peppers available to choose from, without the need for additives or preservatives. Plus, they're free from pesticides, so you can enjoy a delicious flavor with peace knowing where they are natural!

For those interested in peppers, there's a special subscription box just for them. You will get a package of spice peppers each month of the harvest season. They are all different levels of spice. September's package has mild peppers, October's package has medium-spicy peppers, and November's package has the hottest pepper available.

#3: Ghost Pepper Farms

Ghost Pepper Farms is a farm dedicated to all ghost peppers types. They grow some of the hottest chilis in this world, and they have many varieties for you! You can purchase them fresh or browse their selection of other pepper products like a BBQ sauce that will blow your mind with every bite.

The store offers a wide variety of spices, hot sauces, and seeds. They also sell "super hot" peppers. These are small pepper bites that are three times as spicy as a regular jalapeno.

Fresh peppers.

It’s not only a new company, but they have some of the most unique and newest products we've seen. Their shipping is limited to within America, so check them out if you live anywhere else!

#4: Firehouse Chili

Firehouse Chili is a chili pepper company that produces peppers and exports them all around the world. They work hard to ensure their products are harvested in the purest form, with maximum heat concentration for customers' enjoyment! You'll get access to not only a variety of hot chili sauces but specialty salts too!

The company offers customers a variety of ghost peppers and chili to choose from, all of which will deliver an exhilarating experience. It serves both individual enthusiasts as well as food manufacturers/restaurant professionals alike!

More especially, it also offers high-quality seeds that you can use to plant and grow peppers at home.

If you are a beginner to this type of pepper, you must know what to do with ghost peppers and the best recipes that fit the taste. Understanding this need, the company provides many ideas for using chilis in different ways on its website.

#5: Ghostly Hots

Ghostly Hots is the perfect place for those looking to enjoy some spooky ghost peppers. This business was started by veterans who love working together. They have a passion for food and customer service.

To be more specific, Ghostly Hots uses a unique blend of ghost peppers and scorpions to create flavors that are unlike any other. The heat is so potent; you only need the tiniest amount for an intense spice experience in your dish!

Their hot sauce comes in two flavors, either pre-made by the bottle or as a concentrate which you can buy for various amounts. They also offer ghost pepper powder for the best convenience!

If you're looking for a hot pepper that can be shipped anywhere in the United States, look no further than this guy! Additionally, the brand also has other products like peppers and related items.


We believe that you are no longer wondering about the question “Where to buy ghost peppers?” after reading this post. You can find all these ghost pepper products and more at Home Sweet Home Grown, Ghost Pepper Farms, Firehouse Chili, Ghostly Hots, or Ghost Pepper store.

Let’s check out all the websites for more details! Happy hunting for those spooky peppers!

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