What To Mix With Whiskey: 8 Best Mixers To Try

Have you ever thought of what to mix with whiskey? We are here to help you out. We've made a list of different textures and flavors blended with this liquor. This way, you may even start experimenting with your own drinks, which can turn into a fun new pastime.

Our today's article will bring out some ideas on how to mix this wonderful drink. Let's get started!


Is the word "whiskey ginger" familiar to you? It's a traditional cocktail that combines whiskey with ginger for a refreshing, budget-friendly, and plain delicious drink.

In reality, the major mixer is ginger ale. Its carbonated aspect makes it even better for drinking at parties.

Ginger is an excellent companion since its flavor may be sweet or spicy, medicinal, and earthy, depending on the context and concentration.

This cocktail is simple to make. All you need is ginger ale, whiskey, and garnish with a lime, and your task is pour, mix, and enjoy. And don't forget to add the ice.


Who can resist the lure of a lemonade glass? This summertime staple isn't just wonderful for cooling down on hot days; it also is a wonderful combination for your classic whiskeys.

Don't be misled by the pleasant tastes that bring back childhood memories; lemonade laced with this drink is ideal for parties and celebrations.

When you add some bourbon whiskey, it will transform from a childhood favorite to a backyard barbeque classic for adults. Simply fill a glass with ice, pour two-ounce whiskey, then taste with lemon on the top.

You'll see that whiskey lemonade is sweeter than ginger one in certain ways. This is due to the lemonade's lack of nuanced tastes, as opposed to the undertones of ginger ale’s spiciness.

Mixing in some fruits like blueberries or blackberries is not only a fantastic option for people who go for a sweet taste; it also brings extra fruity and delightful taste to your beverage.

Garnish with Lemon


We can't discuss whiskey cocktails without including Irish coffee. Once the winter weather arrives and the festive season begins, it's time to spice things up Irish style.

Everybody has their own method for preparing this cocktail, however this Original Irish recipe for coffee cocktail is unbeatable.

Irish coffee seems to be the perfect start for the night with night owls out there. This is perhaps the most well-known cocktail, although any whiskey may be used to boost this caffeinated drink. It's good in both cold and hot ways.

You may sweeten it up by adding sugar or cream, like in Irish coffee, or using other mixers like hot chocolate. However, this cocktail is rather bitter, and it isn't suitable for people who can't stand the bitterness unless you use a lot of sugar or sweets.

You can also try blending some maple syrup, Kahlua or flavored liqueurs into the mix to make it extra fancy.

Irish Coffee

Hot Tea

Have you ever had a hot toddy? This is a unique warm drink that's popular for treating common colds. It not only warms you up and clears your nose, but it also aids in sleep, which is crucial for a quick recovery.

To make this delectable drink, combine hot tea with honey, bourbon, and lemon. Cinnamon is sometimes added for additional flavor and spice.

Replace the hot water in this drink with brewed black tea for a more flavorful result. You won't have to use being ill as an excuse with this simple, comforting, and ridiculously quick cocktail recipe.

Hot Tea

Apple Cider

Freshly squeezed apple cider is the improved cocktail mixer in the fall. The citrus juice brings out the oaky flavors in the drink and balances off the caramel richness.

While the apple cider may be heated to produce a warming hot tail, the combination of apple deliciousness and whiskey is equally delicious when served cold over ice on hotter days.

Bourbon whiskey is the perfect one going well with apple cider since it is sweeter than others, making the perfect pair for apple cider.

Apple cider can be served with the drink in a few different ways. Some prefer it hot, since the drink tastes better when it's been warmed up. Others enjoy it served chilled or cold, especially on those hot summer days. In either case, you'll like the combination.

Apple Cider

Sweet Vermouth

Sweet vermouth offers a lot of complexity and depth of taste, with flavors like vanilla, citrus, and clove. While many cocktails rely on the powerful mix of vermouth and whiskey, the Manhattan is the most apparent whiskey-vermouth drink.

The spice of rye whiskey is the excellent companion with the sweetness of vermouth, but a mixed Scotch also goes well. Sweet vermouth would be a sparkling wine that makes an excellent cocktail component.

While most cocktails have a long list of components, combining one part vermouth with two-part whiskey yields a fantastic result.

Coca Cola

There's no disputing that this drink equivalent is comfortable, as someone described: great for "Netflix and chill" night. Coke receives all the limelight for better or worse, but Coca-Cola's sweet earthiness mixes exceptionally nicely with any whiskey.

Our recommendation is as follows: To balance the sweetness, use a low-cost one (The GlenDronach Revival, Glenfarclas, Lagavulin's Distillers Edition) and a squeeze of lime.

While Coke is also not the only coca available, it is the most popular for a variety of historical reasons. Indeed, "coke" is becoming a catch-all phrase in various regions of any country.

The end.

As mentioned above, you can pick out what to mix with whiskey. If you'd like to kick your day off well, chill on a summer day, or recover from a sickness, this drink can do the job with the appropriate mixers.

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