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Introduction to The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old – Unique Taste

Macallan 12 sherry oak cask was released in 2018. This wine is aged 100% in natural oak and prized in the single malt category. Its 2018 version has been changed from the old bottle to the new one and applies a 3D stamp, so buyers can easily check the information.

The product is matured in vintage oak casks. It is a prized wine in the single malt category. Typical flavors of this wine are fruitcake, bread, raisins, and cloves, providing a warm, neutral and nutty taste. You can enjoy this wine with Western style food.

Macallan 12 Sherry Oak Cask

  • Type: single malt
  • Manufacturer: Edrington group
  • Distillery: New Macallan Distillery
  • Cask: Ex-oloroso (Jerez) sherry
  • ABV: 43%
  • Aged: 12 years aging
  • MSRP: $75


  • Its product line, Malt wine, has a good consumption input.
  • A lot of users give good reviews about its taste.


  • Taste may be too bland for those who prefer smoky and peat wines.
  • Single malt lovers will not enjoy oak casks.


The wine brings the incremental familiar taste of dried fruits, orange-flavored, oak. From there, you will feel the sweet, light taste mixed with vanilla and fresh fruit.

  • Colour: Fawn
  • Odor: A combination of raisins, plums, honey, heather when opened.
  • Nose: Complex with vanilla
  • Taste: Smooth, balanced
  • Aftertaste: Dried fruit

Drinking this wine is enjoying the quintessential wine. Therefore, it should be drunk whole, in small sips, ideally when using a Tulip glass.

In addition, when adding ice, you should drink the smoke stone into the Tumbler glass and pour the wine over the ice to enjoy. It gives a cool feeling, but the taste is pale, and the aroma is reduced. Or you can mix cocktails.

About The Brand

The brand is the major one of malt distilleries in Scotland. This factory owns a large number of fans.

Moreover, this manufacturer is considered the best single malt producer in the world and an outstanding product with amber color, outstanding flavor and style. It has won many international awards.

  • Its name is Easter Elchies Hose. It was built in 1700 and is located in the heart of Macallan - also known as Macallan Sanctuary. This is where the world's largest, world-famous barley fields are located.
  • In 1824, Alexander Reid began applying for a license to produce this wonderful wine at his home, aiming to provide to wealthy clients staying in the Macallan Sanctuary.
  • In 1848, Alexander's son Reid teamed up with merchant James davidson to produce wine in larger quantities to satisfy local demand.
  • In 1886, James Stuart became the owner of that renown brand. James Stuart was the man who brought Macallan Whiskey to the top of the regional liquor market.
  • In 1892, it had a new name: Macallan. And at the same time, the export processing zone was built and renewed in order to develop a well-known brand. Since then, they improve the quality of Wine by aging it in oak barrels imported from Spain.
  • In 1968 - 1970, Macallan - Glenlivet Company completely restructured and changed the operating apparatus to develop production and export its products to other countries.
  • In 1980, the Company introduced the Macallan - Glenlivet product chain - Single Malt Scotch Whiskey and was a great success.

Our Review

With Raisin flavor, heather has brought a very special taste sensation. The dried fruit flavor is prominent and has a much stronger flavor.

The Macallan 12 sherry oak cask has a new look

Therefore, whiskey lovers always choose this product. Caramel and toffee does not affect the flavor of Macallan 12 triple cask.

Currently, the products use European and American oak barrels instead of Spanish oak barrels. Therefore, this oak cask has a very new look and offers you great taste in single malt wines.

Using the most expensive casks used to mature whiskey, the product offers a very special taste.

Its flavors are pickled raisins, fruit cake, bread, and added black pepper. Medium strength. When enjoyed for a long time, this wine has savory fruit flavors and a hint of wet tobacco.

The Product In The Market

Today, the Company is owned by the Edrington Group with its product present in 150 countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Macallan 12 sherry oak cask is popular in Vietnam

It is suitable for those who love the youthful, vibrant and classic taste, or the style of silence and originality.

Currently, the product is available from the distributors of genuine, quality wines at a good price. In addition, you can also enjoy Macallan 12 year old at the bar.

One of the best bars set wine is  Macallan 12 cask, because it is a flavor that suits many tastes and is highly sought after. This wine is in the list of best-selling products at bars and distributors.

The flavor of the product is soft, vibrant and has a classic taste  similar to Hibiki Japanese Harmony. It is a complex blend of different casks with aged and young wines of famous single malts including Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita's Grain whiskey.

Macallan 12 Sherry Oak is suitable for drinking with friends and family

Overall, this cask provides a very unforgettable aftertaste. If you are a wine connoisseur, you should definitely not miss out on this wine. This is the leader in single malt whiskey, suitable for drinking with friends and family with an excellent balance of wine.

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