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The View Lounge Restaurant Review: An Excellent Experience For Any Visit

San Francisco is a city that attracts many people who want to enjoy the bustling city life. This place is also the convergence of all services of dining, entertainment, shopping, etc.

However, if you are tired of the noisy city and want to find a peaceful place to unwind and enjoy delicious food and drinks, there is a place just for you. Head to The View Lounge, and you’ll find what you need.

The View Lounge is a restaurant worth a visit. In case you are wondering what to eat and want to change your taste after a long time of home-cooking, you can consider this place.

In addition to delectable meals and beverages, the view from the restaurant is to die for.

The Location

If you have a chance to visit San Francisco, you may find The View Lounge restaurant a wonderful place to enjoy your meal with good services and views.

One of the restaurant’s advantages is that it is located right at the heart of San Francisco, 780 Mission Street, in the hotel San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

You can easily identify The View Lounge since it is near some tourist traps such as Lombard Street, Pier 39, Chinatown, Exploratorium, and Little Italy. After finishing the meal, you can take a stroll and explore the city with your friends and family.

The Restaurant Is Located In The Hotel Complex Of San Francisco Marriott Marquis

The View Lounge Restaurant

After substantial remodeling, The View Lounge reopened in January 2015. Coming to the restaurant, you will have a panoramic view of San Francisco city from above.

This is also why the restaurant is called The View Lounge because it is rare that any restaurant is located on the 39th floor of a high-rise building, allowing you to enjoy the unique beauty of the poetic city.

In addition, it is not only the exterior that creates the brand but also the interior layout that makes diners keep coming back. The Art Deco-inspired interior and decoration are in the artistic style.

With scenes like this, the already palatable food and drinks will become even better. The restaurant attracts tourists, locals, or anyone who wishes to immerse in the shimmering scenery of the city and the artistic feeling.

The View Is Irresistible

The Foods And Drinks

If you are passionate about food with traditional flavors, handcrafted cocktails, and wine, you will be amazed at the wonderful experience you’ll get in The View Lounge. About food, the View features small plates and large plates for sharing.

The restaurant offers appetizers such as chips, beer nuts, and tomato toasts. All these items are handmade to keep the original taste. With a delicate spice combination, they will accentuate the flavor of the next main course.

Changing to the main course, you will enjoy various dishes made from a variety of ingredients such as seafood, poultry, and meat. Moreover, the menu includes vegetarian dishes, and they are very delicious.

In addition, diners can choose the gluten-free option if they are on a diet or allergic to this protein. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the “Charcuterie Plate” served with rich cheese and salty salami for a delicate, tempting flavor.

The restaurant uses famous local cheese, and it is highly recommended to try it once. If you’re a fan of tuna, you shouldn’t miss the “Yellowfin Tuna Poke” served with wonton chips, a unique Asian ingredient that creates a crunchiness in the dish along with the freshness of the fish.

After finishing the main course, you can enjoy desserts to complete a three-course meal. There are sweet and classic desserts for the sweet tooth like “Chocolate Torte” or “Cheesecake.”

Don’t forget about the beverages. The View Lounge is famous as a paradise of wine, bourbons and cocktails. You will get to taste the finest wines from California.

Among a wide collection of fine wines, “Sandeman 20 Year Tawny Port, which has been aged for 20 years old,” is a must-try.  If you’re a beer lover, pick your favorite among 55 artisan beers to leverage the taste of your dishes.

There are many domestic or imported beer types to choose from, from famous domestic to foreign brands. Moreover, local breweries, such as “Anchor Steam,” “Wyder Pear Cider,” and many more, are also the highlight of the menu. After all, with the signature food and drinks, the restaurant brings you unforgettable dining experiences.

Reward Yourself A Treat In The View Lounge

The Price

Because of locating in the most luxurious hotel in San Francisco, in general, the higher price of food and drink at the View Lounge is what to be expected. However, only considering the quality and service here, it’s all worth the money.

The restaurant ensures the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients and only offers select beverages to keep their customers satisfied. With the professional service of a 5-star hotel, you will have memorable experiences when dining here.

The Kitchenware Provisions

Good news for customers having huge affection towards cooking and wanting to use the most modern kitchen equipment of restaurant quality, or eager to invest in opening a luxury restaurant, The View Lounge now also instructs their clients to purchase the best kitchen equipment.

Buying items such as ice makers, indoor electric grill, bar sets, pizza stone for grills, from premium to mid-range brands will no longer be a daunting task. Customers will not need to worry about the quality because those products are trusted and encouraged by the restaurant to make the best dishes.


Come to The View Lounge, and you will enjoy the spectacular view of the city from above and enjoy gourmet food and drinks.

Surely you will find satisfaction in their service and menu. In addition, if you are looking to buy kitchen utensils, do not hesitate to contact them. Serving you is the restaurant’s honor.

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