The Definite Answer To “Can You Freeze Sour Cream?”

Many home cooks have been asking:”Can you freeze sour cream?”. Sour cream is a delicious ingredient that pairs well with any dish, from sweet to savory. While it is quite easy to preserve, not everyone knows how to freeze sour cream correctly. Knowing of your concern, here are some details we think will help you solve this question.

It is quite common to find sour cream in any household. This multi-purpose dairy product is obtained through the fermentation process.

Contrary to popular belief, sour cream is not the same as yogurt. While they are both obtained through lactic acid bacteria, the cream is fermented by a unique bacterial culture to create sour cream. It is as delicious as yogurt though and can work with any dish, from sweet to savory.

So is sour cream good for your health? It is a definite yes! This creamy curd is rich in vitamins, especially A and D, a reasonable amount of calcium, and certain micronutrients. You can add sour cream to your diet for more taste without increasing carbs.

Furthermore, sour cream is very flexible in terms of nutrition value. You can freely adjust the fat content of the cream to fit with your preference. In fact, fat-free sour cream is possible, which has less than half the calories compared to the full-fat version.

However, it is not good to have too much of anything. Sour cream is high in saturated fat, which is the main cause of high blood cholesterol and heart diseases. But there has been no scientific proof of fermented products from milk causing heart diseases other than reducing it.

Overall, as long as you consume moderate amounts, sour cream is full of benefits for your health.

Can You Freeze Sour Cream?

You can definitely freeze sour cream, but it is quite tricky. Usually you should only do this to spare cream that is almost out of date.

Why? Freezing process can affect the texture, creating ice particles between the curds. At this point, sour cream is more suitable to be used as an ingredient for baking goods instead of a dipping sauce, unless you want to taste watery cream.

Is It Possible To Cook Using Frozen Sour Cream?

Soups and stews can be made with frozen sour cream that hasn't been thawed. If you are using sour cream for baking, you might need to defrost it first before adding it to your mixture.

Whilst sour cream tastes the same even when frozen, the texture is more clotty and watery. As a result, you should cut down on the liquid content of your dish to retain the same consistency.

Cooking time is another thing you want to look through. It is a fact that cold ingredients lower the general heat of the dish, prolonging the cooking time. Use a thermometer to check the temperature and let your meal cook for extra minutes.

How To Freeze Sour Cream?

Sour cream is straightforward to freeze. Additionally, preparing sour cream for chilling requires very little tools. To keep sour cream in the freezer, you can use either airtight containers or silicone ice trays. 

To start, pour your sour cream into the container, store it in the freezer, and it is ready to be preserved!

On the other hand, you can store sour cream inside ice makers, since they have the same storage temperature as conventional freezers. These machines are very portable too, which you can bring along for picnics or camping trips.

How To Defrost Sour Cream

After you have known how to chill your sour cream nicely, we suggest you take a look at how to properly defrost it as well.

The quickest solution to defrost sour cream is to put it in the refrigerator to thaw. Defrosting frozen sour cream in the fridge might take anywhere between 2 to 8 hours, depending on the volume.

When the sour cream is getting softer, you can see that the surface is quite watery and uneven. It may look unfavorable at first, but worry not!  To give your sour cream a smoother consistency, strain some of the liquid away, grab a hand mixer and whisk it up. If you want solid consistency, put a spoonful of cornstarch and whisk it again.

Tips For Freezing And Thawing Sour Cream

After you have known how to freeze and thaw sour cream, we have some extra tips that can be very useful in improving the quality of your favorite ingredient.


  • Use high-quality freezer bags. Simply check to see if the bag feels heavy and thick in your palm and if the seal is strong. Cheap items tend to deform while freezing, potentially changing the quality of your sour cream.
  • Squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible. This extra step not only increases the shelf life of your sour cream but also makes the bag flatter for more space.
  • To avoid having to separate what you need from a single large frozen piece, try to keep it in smaller portions.
  • It's better to use it sooner rather than later. Even when frozen, sour cream continues to degrade over time. In addition, avoid freezing it multiple times to prevent harmful bacteria development.
  • Consider making a larger quantity of sour cream and freezing the leftovers. Alternatively, you can make another meal using what is left and then freeze the dish.


  • Refrigerating frozen sour cream overnight is the most effective technique to defrost it. If you put frozen sour cream on the counter to defrost, it will thaw faster, but it will be exposed to a temperature that encourages bacteria development.
  • You may use the microwave to quickly thaw frozen sour cream. Microwave for around half a minute. This enables the sour cream to melt slowly while maintaining its firmness.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have stumbled upon many questions from people browsing through our article, and we are more than happy to answer them.

# Can Sour Cream Be Frozen?

You can definitely chill sour cream in your freezer! It is a great way to preserve your leftovers over a longer period.

# Can Sour Cream Go Bad?

While sour cream is a fermented product, it is prone to capturing mold. So sour cream will start to taste bad quickly after shelf life.

# How Long Does Sour Cream Last?

Sour cream (opened or unopened) could be stored in the fridge for up to about three weeks beyond the date of manufacture. After opening, keep sour cream refrigerated and firmly covered, either in the original packing or in an airtight container, to extend its shelf life.

It is never a good idea to put fermented products at room temperature. Your sour cream should start to spoil in less than 2 hours once out of cold storage.

# Is Sour Cream Bad For You?

There has been no scientifically proven proof that consuming chilled sour cream is bad for your health. However, after frozen sour cream has gone past its expiration date, it can cause a variety of digestive diseases, including food poisoning.


And that was our answer to “can you freeze sour cream”. In summary, freezing sour cream is a good way to preserve your favorite ingredient. As long as you follow the instructions above, the spare sour cream will stay fresh for a while!

Thank you for reading, and we hope that you can learn how to store your sour cream perfectly through our article.

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