6 Best Indoor Electric Grills 2022 – BBQ In The Kitchen

The best indoor electric grills are perfect for apartments or those who don't have space for a traditional charcoal grill. It also gives you juicy meals without complicated and heavy preparation.

This list talks about 6 best sellers of electric grills. They not only optimize the flavor of meals but also save you from a stuck cleaning after every single serving.

Come on and test it out!

An electric grill is beloved by most home cooks thanks to its outstanding benefits, including smokeless cooking, advanced flavors, and health values. So do you know how to choose a deserving electric grill from the market that is rich in models and price range?

What Features To Look For?

Look And Dimensions

You should choose items with a significant length to make grilling easier. On our list, Power XL Smokeless Grill with a length of  21 inches, features the largest surface for 6-8 servings.

Depending on the needs of the number of servings and your interior space, you may consider small or large equipment.

The material should be stainless steel and finished with a non-stick and anti-oxidation coating. Besides, the modern designs with classic colors such as shiny silver and matte black are going to fit any interior decoration.

Construction: Power + Heat + Grill Plates

The stronger the power, the faster the food will cook, and the more flavor will enhance. An electric grill that features wattage of between 1200W and 2000W is the best for indoor use.

On this list, T-fal GC7, T-fal 7211002168, Cuisinart GR-150P1, and Cuisinart GR-5BP1 deliver the same wattage of 1800W.

All the indoor electric grills available on the market offer a heat generator that can vary from 105 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, the heat criteria do not matter to your decision.

However, it's needed to consider the equipment that designs an adjustable temperature control panel. That function allows you to set the heat as your recipe requires.

The grilling surface is a key criterion for consideration because it comes in direct contact with the food. You should choose non-stick and toxic-free materials that are safe for health and easy for releasing food residues.

There are slotted grill plates to catch excess grease from the food. This utility helps to enhance the flavor of meals and prevent cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Cleaning Ease

Items with a non-stick coating make cleaning easier and faster. Besides, a countertop grill with removable plates will ensure dishwasher safety.

Safety + Filter

Most electric grills like Ninja Foodi AG301 and Power XL Smokeless Grill take advantage of smokeless property. They help you avoid the smoke stinging your eyes and inhaling toxic air when cooking.

On the other hand, the unit tends to get hot during and after operating that may cause a risk of burn. So it's essential to choose equipment with cooling mechanisms or insulated housings to minimize casualties.

What Brands To Consider? - Best Indoor Grill Brands

Who Are Big Guys Dominating The Market Of Cookware?

The electric grill market is active with numerous models, functions, and prices. Overall, high-grade products mostly come from reputable brands such as Ninja®, PowerXL, T-fal, and Cuisinart.

Ninja® is a houseware brand providing innovative and highly functional products that simplify your busy lifestyles. It prides itself on ease of use, competitive pricing, and nonstop innovation.

PowerXL stands out from the rest with a wide range of kitchen appliances, including air fryers, indoor grills, juicers, blenders, and more. They fix your busy life with efficient solutions that help you excel.

As a brand that is more than half a century old, T-fal was the first creator of non-stick cookware. From then on, it constantly supplied the market with new inventions that made life easier.

Home chef taste is now possible with Cuisinart inventions. The features of these products make cooking a pleasure and enjoyment rather than a boring task.

Best Products From Top Brands





Item Dimensions LxWxH (inches)


3-in-1 function of fry crisps, sizzles, and sears

Stainless Steel

11 x 14 x 17

The largest grilling surface

Stainless Steel

21 x 15.4 x 8.1

Monitor the doneness of food

Stainless Steel

14 x 13 x 6

Time control

Stainless Steel

8.75 x 16 x 13.75

9 Automatic Sensor Cooking program

Stainless Steel

18.9 x 9 x 14.8

The fastest heating speed

Stainless Steel

15.98 x 14.6 x 7.87

In-deep Reviews Of Best Indoor Electric Grills

Electric grills are diverse in design and function. The list below will save you time for choosing.

#1. Ninja Foodi AG301  - Best For 3-in-1 Function

Ninja Foodi AG301


  • 3-in-1 function including air fry crisps, sizzles, and sears
  • Reduce fat level up to 75%
  • Non-stick ceramic and PTFE PFOA-free griddle
  • Cyclonic Grilling Technology reducing smoke


  • Small grilling surface

This multi-function appliance is rated at the top of our list for its 3-in-1 benefit, including air fry crisps, sizzles, and sears. Besides using the griddle, you can have Baked Chicken Breast or Firecracker Salmon cooked in a 4-quart crisper basket.

Cyclonic Grilling Technology creates a circulating air storm in the chamber, which browns evenly on both sides without flipping. Air fry crisp reduces fat level up to 75% compared with deep frying with oil.

What we like the most is that Ninja Foodi AG301 allows you to fry sliced potatoes while letting your steak rest. That means you set the grill and the air crisp at the same time, and then the result is amazing with juicy steak and crispy French fries.

Look And Dimensions

This unit measures 17 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 11 inches in height, so it is a little bit heavy and bulky. Thus, you need a good amount of counter space for it. 

Its dimensions help it take some advantages over other vertical air fryers. Besides, the appliance comes with a lift lid giving easy access to clean the element screen.

Construction: Power + Heat + Grill Plates

The 10x10 inch-griddle is coated with non-stick ceramic. It features PTFE PFOA-free giving you healthy meals.

Ninja Foodi AG301 takes about 5 minutes to heat the high-density grill grates from 105 to 510 degrees Fahrenheit. This speed of heating up is so fast that you will get juicy, char-grilled meals from frozen foods within only 25 minutes.

This unit is built with a wattage of 1760W, delivering you char-grilled flavors and marks. Once the energy is activated, it creates cyclonic flows of super-hot air that move all around the food. That technology gives you delicious meals with eye-catching brown marks and char-flavor.

Cleaning Ease

Cleaning is not a big deal because of its anti-stick feature. All of the grease and food residues are removed instantly with hot and soapy water.

The interior pieces are dishwasher-safe. But we recommend hand-washing for long-lasting use. You'd better avoid letting metal utensils contact the surface of elements to protect the non-stick coating from scratches.

Safety + Filter

This Cyclonic Grilling Technology offers smokeless meals. It pairs with a cool-air zone and splatter shield, keeping smoke out of your kitchen.

The indoor grill comes with a digital panel giving you external access to control your cooking function, time, and temperature. This benefit keeps you safe while grilling with confidence.


The Foodi AG301 delivers you juicy meats and crispy vegetables. It allows you to enjoy an indoor char and brown but smokeless flavor. You may become a talented home cook that can arrange air crisp, roast, bake, dehydrate, grill - low, grill - medium, grill - high, and grill - max with only one appliance.

However, it does not offer you large square feet of grilling space. This unit can deal with 4 hamburgers, or 2-3 steaks, or 4 ears of corn with ease but not a lot of stuff at the same time.

#2. Power XL Smokeless Grill - Best For Large Grilling Area

Power XL Smokeless Grill


  • Large surface of 323 square inches, ideal for a family party
  • Large-capacity drip tray
  • Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology delivering super hot and smokeless meals
  • LED Smart Temperature Control to adjust the temperature


  • No timer and indicator light

This kitchen gadget offers a grilling surface of 323 square inches that is large enough for your BBQ party. You can grill 8 large burgers, 3 entire racks of ribs, or handle all meat cuts and vegetables together for a family meal all at one time.

The other benefit that we love the most is the large-capacity tray that can hold the liquid spice that drips down during seasoning. This add-on allows you to add herbs, alcohol, liquid smoke, and broth to meet different recipes.

Look And Dimensions

This smokeless indoor electric grill measures 21 x 15.4 x 8.1 inches, fitting any kitchen setting. Its height gives it a nice position on the dining table.

The matte black exterior is finished with an anti-greasy coat for a classic and clean look. It comes with a glass lid that helps you to observe the grilling process with ease.

Construction: Power + Heat + Grill Plates

The 1500W equipment activates Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology to deliver super hot and smokeless meals. It comes with a custom LED Smart Temperature Control that can heat the grill grate to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. That panel allows you to adjust the temperature as your recipe requires.

You will get the perfect doneness of the porterhouse, which will be juicy and tender without overcooking. The non-stick ceramic-tech grilling surface heats rapidly to cook foods from edge to edge with no extra fat or oil added.

Cleaning Ease

The Super Non-Stick Coating means there is no residue left on the surface. Power XL also features a deep tray to hold all the liquid and excess fat dripping down from the foods to prevent oil from draining out.

Those benefits give you easy access to rinse the separate pieces. All of the parts are removable, so you can pop them into a dishwasher for effortless cleaning.

Safety + Filter

The Turbo Extractor Fan keeps your indoor barbecue safe in all cases. This technology reduces the temperature on the outer frame to protect you from burning.

It also claims to keep smoke from exhausting out of the equipment. There is virtually no smoke and splashes even when you open the lid. This benefit ensures your safety and saves you from a stuck cleaning after the grilling.


Power XL helps you prepare meals faster to serve your hungry family. It delivers a traditional propane or charcoal flavor without heavy-duty arrangement and toxic smoke.

The large surface is best for grilled cheese, pancakes, eggs, and grilled paninis recipes. Cleaning up will be done with ease thanks to the super non-stick ceramic coated grill grate.

The only downside of this item is that the control panel does not come with a timer and indicator light for monitoring the state of food. You will find these features with T-fal GC7  and T-fal 7211002168 on this list.

#3. T-fal GC7 - Best For Monitoring The State Of Food

T-fal GC7


  • Offer an indicator light and beep system that allows you to monitor the food
  • 6 preset programs of grilling for different types of foods
  • Reduce 75% of smoke
  • Easy to clean


  • Not ideal for big servings

T-fal GC7 is built with an indicator light and beep system that allows you to monitor rare, medium, and well-done status. Thus, this kitchen piece is the best for making restaurant-flavored beefsteaks.

You can know the state of the beef without cutting it to test it out. It browns evenly on both sides while keeping the juice inside.

Look And Dimensions

This equipment comes with stainless steel elements. The silver finish delivers a chic addition to all modern interior designs.

There is a control panel right on the handle that allows you to easily access 6 preset programs of grilling for different types of foods. The body is sloping forward where a long tray is ready to hold excess fat draining.

Construction: Power + Heat + Grill Plates

The T-fal GC7 features the greatest wattage of all our picks that can reach up to 1800W. It provides the same temperature at all spots on the surface of a die-cast aluminum plate.

That fact helps cook meats evenly without burning spots or rare centers. This result is possible thanks to the 6 preset heating programs.

There is a tip that you need to close the lid after setting up the program you want. Otherwise, the appliance will automatically switch to manual mode. And for that, the alarming beep will not work when the heat reaches the required temperature for your recipe.

Cleaning Ease

The die-cast aluminum plate comes with a premium non-stick that allows you to remove the food residues with ease. Besides, the drip tray and cooking elements are removable and dishwasher-safe for quick cleaning.

Safety + Filter

This version of T-fal claims to eliminate toxic smoke for protecting you from respiratory diseases. It works with an integrated fan to reduce at least 75% of smoke that escapes into the air.

The fan makes T-fal GC7 the best grill for apartments as it offers a good ventilation to get rid of toxic smoke from enclosed spaces.


You will get the best steak with this fantastic kitchen gadget. It is also suitable for making Buttermilk-Rosemary Marinated Chicken Thighs, Prairie Town Whiskey Marinated Steak, or Sundried Tomato and Balsamic Tofu Kebab.

The meals come in tender and juicy condition with no excess fat left for a healthier life. Once your foods reach their doneness, the grill will turn the reheat setting on to avoid overcooking if you forget to turn it off.

We highly recommend this stuff for a one-person or two-person meal. But it is not the best pick for serving gathering dinners for family parties. In this case, you may consider T-fal 7211002168, or Power XL Smokeless Grill for large grilling plates.

#4. Cuisinart GR-5BP1 - Best For Time Control

Cuisinart GR-5BP1


  • LCD allowing you to see the countdown time and the temperature
  • 5-in-1 cooking option
  • Lightweight for any arrangement


  • Hot handlebar may cause burns

Cuisinart GR-5BP1 is designed with an LCD that allows you to see the time and the temperature of your setup. When the countdown timer hits zero, the grill continues to heat your food. The timer is going to start to count up to let you know how much time has passed since the countdown ended.

Look And Dimensions

This appliance comes with user-friendly precision control, an easy-to-use countdown timer, and a brilliant LCD. All of the designs deliver a chic and modern look.

It is also lightweight for any arrangement. The adjustable floating cover pairing with a cool stainless steel handlebar makes Cuisinart GR-5BP1 the ultimate addition to your countertop.

Construction: Power + Heat + Grill Plates

With adjustable temperatures from 175 to 450 degrees, you can easily set any program of the contact grill, full grill, full griddle, half grill, and panini press. It takes about 2-10 minutes to cook your favorite foods to perfection with 5-in-1 cooking options.

Top and bottom grill plates are making a squeeze on the food. This feature does its best when cooking meats, but it may flatten or even crush any soft foods.

Cleaning Ease

Interior parts are removable for dishwasher safety, while the plates are coated with a non-stick finish for easy cleaning. We don't recommend leaving them in water for a long time to avoid damage to the anti-stick coating.

Safety + Filter

It is best not to use metal utensils to contact the surface of grilling areas. They are going to scratch the non-stick coating, then damage your plates.

The filter does not work well with smoke reduction. This stuff gives you the most smoked meals when compared with other alternatives on this list. But anyway, it is still an electric grill, so the smoke is not harmful to your health.


Cuisinart GR-5BP1 can work well with non-flattened chicken legs or red meats. That is because of the pressure created by locking the floating cover, cooking foods on both sides for the fastest result.

There is a caution that you must keep in mind. The handlebar is still getting hot for a while after turning the control panel off. So do not touch it to avoid burning.

#5. T-fal 7211002168 - Best For Automatic Cooking

T-fal 7211002168


  • 9 preset cooking programs
  • Automatic thickness measurement
  • Feature a frozen mode
  • Be able to handle 6 to 8 servings at the same time


  • Sliding-down food due to the sloping body forward

T-fal 7211002168 serves you perfectly grilled, healthier, and tastier meals with 9 preset cooking programs. These setups offer the automatic thickness measurement to cook foods to the desired doneness.

Look And Dimensions

You will get the quality construction serving you the best with this silver-finished stainless steel grill. It is lightweight and very sturdy. The sleek, stylish look compliments any kitchen countertop.

Construction: Power + Heat + Grill Plates

The indoor electric grill provides a powerful wattage of 1800W that can heat the plates to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It even features a frozen mode for transforming frozen food into perfection.

The Automatic Sensor Cooking technology can handle 6 to 8 servings at the same time owing to the 33% more grilling surface compared with T-fal GC7.

Cleaning Ease

Cleaning is also effortless. The non-stick die-cast aluminum plates are easily removable to release food residues with warm soapy water or dishwasher. The large-sized drip tray can also be disassembled and washed in the same way.

Safety + Filter

The ergonomic control panel is located right on the handlebar for easy access. Besides, the handgrip comes with anti-heat plastic protection that allows you to hold it while monitoring your food.


T-fal 7211002168 is the best indoor grill for steaks and frozen food processing. 9 preset programs including Poultry, Burger, Sandwich, Sausage, Fish, Red Meat, Pork, Bacon, and Seafood. It automatically detects the thickness of the food, so you don't have to worry about temperature control.

Its body slopes forward about 7 degrees to help drain excess fat into the drip tray. But, you may get frustrated when seeing the food slide down before you can lower the lid.

#6. Cuisinart GR-150P1 - Best For The Fastest Heating Speed

Cuisinart GR-150P1


  • SearBlast technology increase heating speed
  • DuoControl Heating Advantage allows control of the temperature independently at 2 different plates.
  • Automatically turn the power off after 2 hours of continuously heating


  • Smell and smoke a bit

Cuisinart GR-150P1 features the SearBlast that allows it to heat the plates to 500 degrees Fahrenheit within only 2 minutes. That rate is the fastest heating speed of a grill when comparing it with the rest of this list, helping to lock the moisture in foods to perfection.

Look And Dimensions

It measures 15.98 x 14.6 x 7.87 inches allowing you to approach it right on the dinner table. The chic look of silver stainless steel is ready to spark any kitchen.

Construction: Power + Heat + Grill Plates

This equipment is capable of providing a power of 1800W evenly on both upper and lower plates. It combines with DuoControl Heating Advantage that enables you to control the temperature independently at 2 different plates.

It comes with sturdy construction that gives easy access to 2 slotted grill plates and 2 griddles. They are made up of die-cast iron coated by a non-stick finish, boasting a large cooking surface of 240 square inches to meet family servings.

Cleaning Ease

The integrated drip tray is capable of holding the entire grease of 6-8 servings. Grill plates and griddles are removable for easy cleaning and dishwasher safety.

Safety + Filter

If the unit is on and heats for more than 2 hours, it will automatically turn off. This feature makes it a substitute for an indoor gas grill for kitchen, saving you from fire accidents.


It is perfect for making pancakes, bacon, eggs, panini, sandwiches, fajitas, burgers, seared filets, and sautéed vegetables. The larger cooking area is ideal for entertaining a crowd.

Unfortunately, Cuisinart GR-150P1 may smell and smoke a bit. So you may consider opening windows or turn the ventilators on while using the grill.


We hope our review can help you in choosing the best indoor electric grills. All in all, Power XL Smokeless Grill is our favorite pick because of its smokeless technology and the largest grilling surface compared with others on this list.

Now it is your turn. Let me know what is the apple of your eye by leaving comments below. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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